Living in a fast paced world, we tend to get caught up on reaching our destinations. Seeking with every inch of our being the happiness and contentment we think the destination will bestow upon us. On a Thursday afternoon I was pondering on the things that were missing in my life. I felt that along my journey I had lost the fire burning in the depths of my core. This didn’t sit well with me. Whilst analysing my thoughts I came to the same realisation I had reached many times before… the magic is not in the destination but within the journey.

Suddenly Sun In Scorpio came to me. A platform that shares the many thoughts than run through our minds on a daily basis although every individuals situations are different. Fundamentally, we’re all seeking similar things. In a world that allows us to contact so easily, why are we finding it harder and harder to connect? Not only to others but also to our truest self.

My intention with Sun In Scorpio is to provide you with an authentic take on life and all its buried treasures. I will be bringing you along on my journey of self-revelation, love and fulfilment. I hope you can take inspiration from my words and if not, I hope SIS provides a safe place for you to connect.

From my heart to yours,

SB x


My name is Shannon Olivia, I have grown up in a small town not too far from London. My father is half Nigerian and my mother is fully English.
Young in years but old in soul, I have always felt the need to help people. Whether that be straightening out the bullies at school, offering a help in hand to anyone in need or discussing ‘taboo’ subjects on my social platforms to inspire others to embrace themselves fully. I find fulfilment in being unapologetically myself and using my unique abilities to bring out the light in others; even when they can’t see it themselves. 


As a child and teen, I spent many years wishing to grow up, acting older than I was, wanting to partake in activities that I had no business being in. Although I don’t regret any aspect of my life, I realised that I was oblivious to the habitual behaviours that were dimming my light. 

I have spent the last four years of my life dedicated to ridding myself of all of the limiting beliefs both myself and the world have placed on me as a being. This journey has been painful but completely necessary. I have delved deep into the traumas of my life and worked courageously to heal them. 


Being a Scorpio woman was difficult for me for a long time. I didn’t truly understand what it meant so when I began to take the leap into my human design, everything seemed to fall into place. This is now the path of least resistance because I understand on a foundational level, what and who I am. By all means I am still learning and will forever be learning but I have now find comfort within myself to be able to express this with the world, allowing the Universe to work in my favour. 


If you wish to know more, my blog will reveal all over time.